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Sunday, December 12, 2010

the tales of Romance, in the golden sands of Rajasthan

Among desert foliage is this sterling temple of the artistic excellence from Gurjara Partiharas
The jewels of Osian
Art blooms in desert, Osian

the osian is supposed to be the village from where all Oswal jains seem to have emerged. A temple sculpture in Osian. 55 km from Jodhpur is the sleepy village of Osian. old artistic havelis, lovely children who ask for pens to write their homework for school, saturated in the smiles and laughter.Very popular old temples from 11to 12 century by Gurjara Partiharas. Schiya Mata temple is the new name of this ancient temple and a lot of devotees flock here, and so is the case with ancient Jain temple that has ongoing renovation to preserve this great heritage of Jainism. Again a lot of devotees who have a nice clean place to stay over night by the temple run --Dharm (religious)+sala ( place)and to perform the oblations to the Tirthankars.
Jai Jinendra. The best of dried vegetables with exotic desert names come from Osian which is a centre of trde in these colourful desert vegetables.

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